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A car’s exterior appearance is the first thing that anybody notices outside of the vehicle’s make, model followed by the overall price-range. Because of this, it makes perfect sense that you’d want your car’s paint to always look pristine. However, car paint is prone to damage, whether from exposure to the elements, or due to accidents.

If you’re thinking about repainting a damaged car, it might save you a lot of time and money if you opted for an auto painting service in Fremont, CA from the ASCO Auto Body. Repainting a damaged vehicle may seem like a walk in the park, but there’s more to it than just applying a closely-matching coat of paint.

If your car’s paint job is showing signs of wear-and-tear or has been damaged due to an accident, don’t waste time and money trying to fix it by yourself. Professional auto body painting services by ASCO Auto Body Shop of Fremont can do that for you. 

If you need to remove scratches from the car, due to an unforeseen accident, our professional auto body experts can assist.

A car scratch repair seems like it might be easy to do yourself, but it is an art. Don’t leave something as important as a car scratch getting repaired to chance. Have our trained scratch repair specialists bring the shine back to your vehicle. 

ASCO Auto Body Shop is a well-established car painting and auto repair company in Fremont CA, with years of experience handling different automobile repair jobs. If you’re wondering if there is an “auto paint shop near me”, ASCO is your go-to.

Our team of skilled body shop technicians can fix and restore your vehicle to make it good as new. You can call Us at (510) 249-9195 to find out more about their services. 

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List of Car Painting Services

Car painting is no easy task, and people who think they’ll be able to save a few hundred dollars skimping on getting a proper auto body paint service are in for a surprise. Auto painting is more than just putting on several coats of matching paint to a damaged surface. Attempting a DIY auto painting will actually cause more damage than help.

Repair shops have specialized tools, processes, and paints – not the regular kind of acrylics that you can get at any hardware shop. Here are just some of the steps that professional auto paint shops go through to get a damaged exterior looking just like new:

Body repair – this is a standard preliminary before any repainting gets done. This ensures that whatever tiny dents, scrapes, and gashes from accidents are patched up to ensure a perfect finish. This is not something just anybody can do in the comfort of their home garage.

Surface prep – if a car has had a deep paint gash for a while, chances are there is some form of damage that has seeped into the inner layer of the vehicle’s body. Professional auto painting shops take care of this by ‘priming’ every surface prior to repainting, to guarantee that if any rust or deep damage exists, it is removed.

Repainting – auto repainting is done in several steps, and is never just a ‘one-coat-seal’ deal. Some vehicles have specific paint hues which are no longer currently in production, which require additional time to recreate. Some owners may decide to change the overall color altogether. Overall, it’s a time-consuming process that a simple DIY job simply cannot imitate.

  • Buffing and polishing – to make a car’s exterior look like new, a final touch of buffing and polishing is conducted after sealing the paint job. This requires specialized tools and materials that aren’t always readily accessible to everyday car owners.

If you’re wondering, ‘is there car painting near me?’, look no further than ASCO Auto Body Shop. Located in Fremont, CA., they provide professional car painting services for all vehicle types. Call them today at (510) 249-9195, or visit our auto shop at 41589 Albrae St, Fremont, CA 94538 to find out more.  

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Before we can offer an estimate or timeframe, our highly-trained team will examine your vehicle to determine the scope of needed repairs. We make a thorough inspection, including driving the car to listen for unusual or tell-tale sounds.

Once we complete our inspection, a team member will put together a comprehensive estimate of the work and cost. We are proud to offer fair rates to our customers so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

When you’re ready for us to get started, we will get your vehicle on the schedule. We work with precision and speed to make sure your vehicle runs and looks its best. Our job is to help you have a safe vehicle you can rely on for your transportation needs.

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There is no reason you should ever feel nervous about walking into a repair or auto body shop. At ASCO Auto Body, we work hard to earn your trust and respect. Our crew will treat you well and make sure we explain each step we need to take to get your vehicle road-ready. We work with excellence and expertise at rates that are fair. You will never be stuck overspending on your car care again.

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Is your car due for regularly-scheduled maintenance? From oil changes to belt checks to tire rotation, preventive work is crucial to keep your vehicle running smoothly. New customers receive 5% off maintenance in our shop, so give us a call to get on the schedule.

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