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Are you looking for advanced auto collision repair? Have you been in an auto collision or crash? Nobody would like to experience an auto wreck, but, regrettably, they happen. 

As the degree of the resulting damage may vary considerably, any car expert would advise you to fix the cracks and restore your car before you incur progressive wear and tear. If you require collision repairs in Fremont, CA, then it is vital to discover a trustworthy automobile body shop in your area. 

ASCO Auto body Shop with over 20 Years of experience can assure you that there’s no need to panic. You can always get the damages fixed with ASCO’s Collision Repair in Fremont, CA.

What Is Auto Collision Repair? 

It hurts to see your vehicle damaged after a crash. Your car will need some degree of repairs done in most scenarios, ranging from minor repairs to more significant ones. 

A professional and seasoned auto body shop should be dependable and fix your vehicle to look good as fresh. That said, here are five things you want to know before you put your car in to receive an auto body collision repair.

  • Your car isn’t necessarily totaled if it’s frame damage. Often when you hear that there has been damage to a vehicle’s framework, you might assume that means it’s the end of the road for their car or truck. But that is not always the case. Our well-trained mechanics in an expert auto body shop can use machines to set your vehicle’s framework back to shape based on the quantity of damage.


  • Not every auto body repair shop is the same. Different repair stores offer various services, and some are certified to operate on your specific vehicle make. However, most Auto Body Shops don’t have over 20 years of experience like ASCO; we have worked upon classic and modern cars with exceptional success factors that get the job done hassle-free while accommodating your preferences.
  • It’s possible to choose who fixes your vehicle. Your insurance carrier may suggest a place where you can have your car repaired; however, we advise that it’s better to choose ASCO for your repairs, as we eliminate the risk of being forced upon a wrong service provider. You can decide to take your vehicle to ASCO Auto Body Shop in Fremont to receive fixes after a collision so you may feel comfortable about who is managing your car.
  • You might not have to paint your whole automobile. You do not necessarily have to have your entire vehicle repainted after it’s been in a collision. When you take your vehicle to ASCO’s seasoned shop, the folks working on your car can locate your automobile’s color to fix any paint quickly.
  • Suppose you intend to process your insurance claims, you will have to shop around for an automobile body shop and to await 3-4 days for a quote, and then to wait based on the severity of the damage, you could lose a whole week or two. Choose ASCO Auto body shop to process your claims. Our seasoned and trustworthy car body shop will compose a detailed repair program and work with you to ensure that your requests are approved and processed.
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Our auto body shop offers free towing and shuttle services to our customers. Avail of the free services by calling us or by booking your service appointment today!

ASCO offers complete auto body repairs that include Auto Denting, Paintless dent Repair, Auto Painting, windshield repair, headlight repair, and auto detailing services. Call us today and get your car fixed by experienced and certified experts at a price that fits your budget.

At ASCO Auto Body Shop of Fremont, we work hard to earn your confidence and respect. Our crew will treat you well and clarify each step we need to take to render your vehicle to be road-ready. We work with excellence and expertise at fair rates. Some service providers do not offer everything you’ll need, while some benefit from you with price gouging. You deserve a neighborhood auto body shop that does excellent work at a price that fits your budget.

We work with popular Insurance policymakers. At ASCO, we lookout for our clients and process the claims ASAP to get you back on the road in a car that’s legally fit to drive. We care about your safety and your budget of affordability.

With ASCO Auto Body Shop’s collision repair, you’ll no longer have to lose sleep over the mishap that took place.. Whenever you need collision repair or auto body repair, visit our shop today at 41589 Albrae St, Fremont, CA 94538, or call (510) 249-9195 for any inquiries. 

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