Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration Services

Headlights are essential to any functioning vehicle. It’s what drivers use to illuminate roadways at nighttime and ensure safe driving during rough weather. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least attended to parts of a car, and often the most ill-maintained. 

If you’ve ever noticed that your headlights aren’t projecting as bright a beam as they used to, chances are you need a headlight restoration in Fremont CA , pronto.

Why Do I Need Headlight Restoration Services?

Back in the day, headlights were made of thick glass. This was replaced overtime with polycarbonate plastic. In both instances however, regular driving would expose the headlights to friction and debris carried by dust, which would dull and mar the refractive lens. Sunlight exposure also plays a role in the deterioration of modern polycarbonate headlights. Overtime, it would dull its surface and affect the clarity of the projected light. 

While older glass variants held up longer against scratches, they tended to be heavy and prone to breakage. The modern polycarbonate variants tend to break less, but are easier to scratch and mar. Both types, however, can benefit from headlight cleaning

Headlight polishing, which is generally what ‘cleaning’ a scratched-up headlight curtails, ensures the following: 

  • greater clarity of light – headlights are meant to be spotless, so as to enable it to throw light as clearly as possible to ensure proper illumination. A well-maintained headlight ensures this. 
  • wider beam of light – which allows for greater visibility during nighttime, as well as during inclement weather. 

Both instances ultimately make your overall driving experience safer in the long-run. Headlight polishing may cost you a small sum, but that’s still better than risking life and limb on a road accident caused by foggy lights.

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FAQ for Headlight Restoration Services​

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
some of the more common ones.

Headlight restoration generally encompasses three kinds of service that fall under one umbrella: 

  • Headlight polishing / cleaning – buffing and polishing scratched-up headlights with a mild abrasive in order to restore the clarity of the surface.
  • Headlight restoration – which can include the services covered by the former, but which also involves patching up mild to moderate pitting and mars, slight to moderate gashes, and minor to moderate cracks.
  • Headlight repair – which involves the complete overhaul of a damaged headlight. 

Regardless of the process employed, headlight restoration services require specialized equipment and skilled workers to accomplish. There might be creams or buffing compounds sold in the general market as ‘headlight polishing compounds’ but these do not offer the guarantee of a quality clean, and might even cause more harm than good. 

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