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do you want to do spray bed lining? then do check out this post. A car’s trunk is useful for hauling or storing any number of different things. Most vehicles’ trunk beds get pretty beat up, especially if the car is a family or work vehicle.

Some people choose to ‘carpet’ their trunk beds, but while it does offer some degree of protection, it can be very difficult to keep clean.

If you regularly haul different items in your vehicle, you’ll need a coating for your trunk or car bed that is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

This is where spray-on bedliners can help. If you need a spray-on bedliner in Fremont, CA, give ASCO Auto Body a call and they’ll upgrade your bed in no time.

What Are Spray-On Bedliners? 

Spray-on bedliners were designed as an alternative to drop-in bedliners. Unlike the latter, which is made from polyethylene composite, sometimes accompanied by rubber ‘flooring’, spray-on bedliners aren’t tacked in place onto your vehicle’s trunk, but are rather applied onto the preexisting bare surface until it sets. 

Spray bed lining was initially popular for pickup trucks and industrial vehicles that required a low-maintenance, durable, and easy-to-apply coating for their rear beds. Eventually, though, the practice caught on for other vehicles. Nowadays, there are even DIY aerosol bed liner products for sale in hardware stores.

Spray bed lining offers a lot of advantages over drop-in liners, or simply keeping your trunk bed bare

There are different types of spray-on or spray-in bed liners (both terms are interchangeable), and it can vary in color, texture, and durability. Today, you can choose between DIY aerosol bed liners, or professionally applied spray-in bed liners.

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FAQ for Spray-On Bedliners Services​

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
some of the more common ones.

In the automotive industry, it is generally divided into two distinct variants: 

  • Aliphatic spray bed liners: the highest-quality spray-on bed liner available in the market today. It includes pigments in the spray which not only improve its damage-resistance, but also blocks UV light, which can degrade regular spray bed linings overtime. This kind of quality comes with a hefty price-tag. 
  • Aromatic spray bed liners: made to be a more budget-friendly spray-in bed liner, aromatic types do not possess added UV-protective pigment. Although not ideal for long-term applications, they are still water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, making it a good temporary budget bed liner.
  • Ease-of-cleanup: spray bed liners allows for easier cleanup of dust, debris, and liquids from your trunk bed. 
  • Helps keep off-smells away from vehicles: spray bed liners provide a non-absorbent, waterproof surface, which helps in preventing bad smells from accumulating in your vehicle. 
  • Improves traction: spray-on bed liners also help to improve traction, ensuring that accidental slippage of items stowed in the trunk is minimized or prevented. 
  • Protects resale value of vehicle: lining your trunk bed protects it from gashes and scratches which may affect its eventual resale value.

If you’re wondering ‘is there a spray in bed liner near me?’ give ASCO Auto Body Shop a try. Located at 41589 Albrae St, Fremont, CA 94538, it provides one of the best professional spray-in bed liner services in the area. Visit our shop, or call us at (510) 249-9195 for any inquiries.

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