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A car’s windshield repair does more than just protect the driver from the elements, it also helps to guarantee added safety by preventing dust and other particulates from blowing into the driver and passenger during driving. 

While it’s made to withstand a significant amount of wear-and-tear, windshields can and do get damaged regularly.

Driving with a scratched or cracked windshield might not seem like a big issue, but it is actually a major safety hazard. If your auto glass has become damaged for whatever reason, consider opting for windshield repair in Fremont, CA.

Auto glass repair, also known in the industry as windshield repair, encompasses several services all involving fixing or replacing broken, cracked, damaged, or ill-fitting auto glass. Some auto glass repair services specialize only in windshield repair and replacement, while others address all auto glass problems.

Here are some of the basic windshield repair services you can typically find today: 

  • Basic windshield repair – regular auto glass repair services include filling and buffing mild to moderate gashes, nicks, and small cracks in auto glass. Windshield chip repair is considered a ‘quick fix’ service and may sometimes even be part of a vehicle’s regular upkeep. 
  • Windshield replacement – this involves replacing a broken or cracked windshield with a new one. 

Automotive glass repair and replacement – as the name suggests, this service encompasses not only a vehicle’s front windshield, but the rear windshield and side windows as well.

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Auto Windshield Repair​

How is Windshield Repair and Replacement Done?

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Minor windshield repairs are accomplished by filling in any small cracks or gashes with a special resin compound, which is then allowed to set and later buffed clear and flush with the original glass surface. Modern resins are durable, making quick but lasting windshield repairs possible.

Replacing automobile glass on the other hand, requires exact sizing. An auto glass replacement company near you might source the replacement directly from your automobile manufacturer, so as to best match the broken original. If this cannot be done, alternatives of similar quality can be sourced from independent auto glass manufacturers.

Choosing whether you get a windshield replacement or windshield chip repair all boils down to the severity of damage and the body shop’s assessment. Ultimately, there’s always an option that’s best suited for your budget.

If your car’s front or rear windshield has been damaged, you might be wondering ‘is there an auto glass repair service near me?’ ASCO Auto Body Shop has exactly what you need. With over 20 years of experience in automotive repair, ASCO Auto Body Shop provides automotive glass replacement and auto glass repair services for all types of vehicles. 


Located in Fremont, CA, ASCO Auto Body Shop is your one-stop shop for all of your car repair, maintenance, and restoration needs. If you need windshield replacement or a quick fix for a pitted window, ASCO’s auto glass repair services in Fremont, CA is just a phone call away. 


For quick, reliable, and state-of-the-art automotive repair services, choose ASCO Auto Body Shop. Call them today at (510) 249-9195 or visit the shop at 41589 Albrae St, Fremont, CA 94538.

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